Bedroom design and decorating hacks

Your bedroom is your private space where you relax, and just chill out. It is therefore important that your room reflects your personality and style. Here are a few hacks that will transform your room

  1. Include closet lighting: The biggest grouse that one can have is to not find your choicest clothes in the morning rush hour. To keep the happy mood going for the day hang some on touch lamps in your closets. This will light up space, make it easy to choose your clothing and conserve energy too.
  2. Wall designs: Get creative and decorate your walls. If you are an artist you can paint on them mandala designs or anything you like. In case, it is a rented house, you can opt for any of the temporary wall stickers available in all craft stores to give it more personality.
  3. Don’t forget the curtains: Curtains can enhance your room while maintaining the privacy. There are several online stores from where you can buy readymade curtains, I searched online and this helped me find the best curtain material at a discount price for my room. So, now my room has a classy look without burning a hole in my pocket.
  4. Keep the wires away: There are several DIY projects which help you make attractive covers to keep all the wires of the umpteen gadgets we seem to use every day away from sight. This gives the room a clean clutter-free
  5. Unique teapots: If you have a preloved teapot that you find hard to part with, turn it into a flower vase. Place fresh flowers in the chubby teapots on the bedside table. The sweet fragrance of flowers is always welcome on mornings.
  6. Striped rug: If you want the room to feel more spacious, us a striped rug in the room. It makes the room seem longer than it actually is.
  7. Indoor plants: Keep snake plants in the room; it not only breaks the monotony of nonliving things but is also useful as it absorbs CO2.