How to Buy a Sex Toy for Your Partner

It was his fourth wedding anniversary and I saw my colleague-cum-best friend in utter confusion. I was surprised to find him in misery when it was a moment to celebrate. His wife and baby had very recently joined him after a long time of separation and it was their first anniversary with the new member.

Actually, that was his problem. His wife was so involved with the baby that both of them knew their relationship had lost the priorities for each other and their spark never ignited any fumes. Hence, he didn’t know how to regain the passion in their love at such an auspicious time.


A real solution found in toys

After a detailed discussion, we concluded that they needed a medium to create an intimate time between them and it was difficult to recreate the lost sexual drive in his wife. Now, the question was which toy would be an ideal instigating signal. We made a thorough research about vibrators, butt plugs, G-spot toys and much more on

He was of the suggestion that since he had to start from scratch in reigniting their romance and using these toys for the first time, he may need more than one type, starting with the simplest. His wife was very fond of jewelry and antiques and so he put a jeweled butt plug in the must-buy list.

The rest of the love shopping was done by him as I thought it was required to preserve their privacy and comfort. Though I didn’t confront him with the result the next day, I could easily make out the sense of satisfaction, happiness, and enthusiasm in him for bringing a fresh wave of romance into their dull marriage. I saw a newly married couple, the next time I visited their apartment.…