How octane boosters help your car engine?

Octane booster is a product primarily designed to enhance octane rating of the fuel. Octane booster is simple used to increase power and efficiency of your vehicle’s engine in a certain manner.

It includes anti-knock additives which prevent the onset of knock (detonation or pre-ignition) when added to the fuel. When knock is prevented, the effective octane of the fuel is automatically raised.

Octane is graded in a specific manner. It has its own “point system” where 10 points is equal to 1 octane number/ level. It means 91 grade points will refer to 91.7 octane and not 98.

Major uses of Octane booster

  1. Most of the vehicles face the issue of pre-mature combustion. The higher octane fuel prevents the pre-mature combustion of the fuel and results in the high performance of the engine.
  2. If you use the premium octane booster for car in the normal engine, it leads the engine to combust the fuel in a detrimental manner.
  3. High octane is a necessity for some cars. A turbocharged car is a good example. The highly changing temperature of the engine require high octane to reduce the risk of demotion.
  4. A few cars can tolerate lower octane. It reduces economy and increases emissions but will allow you to reach home anyhow.
  5. There is another major reason of using the best octane booster
  6. in the engine. It helps to burn the petroleum faster and reduces the noise of knocking in the engines.

To find the right source to read octane booster review is a major task. You can check it with the owner’s manual of the company to choose the kind of octane you need.

All the average gasoline engines can work at the octane grade of 87 points. A premium range of octane is readily available with different ratings. They are 87 (Regular), 88-90 (midgrade) and 91-94 (premium). Gasoline with an octane rating of 85 is also available in a few parts of the country.

A well octane fuel can simply extend the life of an engine. It produces a higher compression ratio to enhance the amount of air inside the engine. It results in better performance level of the vehicle and is cost-efficient.

The lower octane grade of the fuel damages the engines and disposing control system of the fuel. It results in an audible knocking sound by shifting the spark time compression.